Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Boy Called Bat Blog Tour

Back in November I was handed A Boy Called Bat while attending NCTE. I remember looking at the book, thinking that it was an appealing cover, but wondering if this was a book that would fit in my new seventh grade classroom. I had a hunch it might be more at home in my former fifth grade room. After reading it, I can safely say that A Boy Called Bat is at home in any classroom. 

Bixby Alexander Tam, known at Bat, is just trying to make his way in this world. This is complicated by the fact that he is autistic, which means the world doesn't always conform to the way Bat would like it to. Sometimes this is ok, sometimes it isn't. Bat's sister can drive him crazy, he doesn't always like the every-other-Friday rule about going to his dad's house, and third grade can be tough. But when Bat's veterinarian mom brings home a baby skunk, he forgets about everything else. When she tells Bat they will take care of it for a month, but then have to give it back, Bat begins to work on a plan. Falling in love with the skunk, developing a bond, makes the days he has left to prove to his mom that he needs this skunk simply fly on by. 

A Boy Called Bat is a heartwarming story about friendship, acceptance, family, and finding your voice. I devoured this book on the way home from NCTE, even forgetting that I was on a plane at times, which speaks volumes if you know my aversion to flying. And while I think this is the perfect elementary school book, my seventh graders have enjoyed reading about Bat's journey as well. Check this one out, you'll be glad you did.

Here's a link to some educator resources if you're interested in them: Resources

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