Tuesday, March 28, 2017

It Was a Good Day... Slice of Life 3/28/17

First day back from spring break, I wasn't sure I was ready. I love seeing my students, of course, but I was tired. This puppy business makes me feel like I have an infant once again. Sleep is elusive. House training is frustrating. Yet, she's adorable and our break was over, so off to school I went.

The day began a bit rough. I should have gone in over break and made copies. Instead, I naively told myself that I could quickly make copies at the start of the day. Which would be fine if a good portion of the teachers in the building hadn't had the same idea. So there was a line, and the machine was jamming, so I revamped.

School started, my students came in, and we did the Status of the Class. I could quickly see the majority of them had read quite a bit over break. I let them know I was impressed. 

The rest of class found us sharing book talks, heading outside for a quick write, looking over mentor texts for our poem about age, and brainstorming what might be included in our own. And this happened two more times. 

After school I got to play with Leia and Rosie, visit with my mom, and then quickly ran to Champaign with Luke. There we took a quick trip to the bookstore and swung by Starbucks to cap off the day with a bit of perfection. 

While it might have been a Monday, it can't get much better than that. 
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