Friday, March 3, 2017

Podcasts - Slice of Life 3/3/17

I actually thought ahead a bit for this challenge in the past week or so. When something would happen to me, when I'd take a picture, when a student would say something that made tears stream down my face in laughter, I'd think...

Need to save that for the month of slices...

Now, of course, I don't remember them all. I should have written my ideas down in a notebook, but that would have been far too practical. Instead, I've sat down for the past three days in front of my computer, opened a blank blog page, and let my mind wander. Surprisingly enough, an idea has come each time. Whether or not this will continue for the entire month remains to be seen, but I'm finding joy with the inspiration while it is there.

Today my inspiration came from my phone. I do love it so. I'm sure it is wrong to love an object such as this, but it serves many purposes for me. One of my favorites is that I listen to podcasts on my phone while I complete my daily walk. I tend to begin with a podcast for about half of the walk and turn it off for the second half while I let the quiet calm me. Some of my podcasts are anything but calming, they rile me up! I've gone through phases of podcasts - beginning with entertainment podcasts, then book review, then education, and now my subscriptions tend toward the political. I love them all for different reasons. Below you will see screenshots of the podcasts I subscribe to in case you are looking for one to listen to. 

And tomorrow I'll wake up early and grab my headphones and my phone. With Rosie's on her leash in one hand, I'll flip though my new podcasts with the other. I'll settle on the first one, the one I listen to each morning as I step off - The Writer's Almanac. Beginning your day outside, with a loyal dog, and a poem read to you? There is no better way.

Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.