Friday, March 24, 2017

Welcome Home, Leia! Slice of Life 3/24/17

Last fall I began to get serious about looking for another dog. I'm a big believer in dogs in my life. As a kid I had Pokey, Tristan, and Sally. As an adult I had Bally, then Rosie. Rosie is still with us, she's only a three year old King Charles Cavalier, so why the need for another pup? I'm not sure. I've always wanted to have two - I felt like they would always have a friend at home. So, we began the search.

After many starts and stops, we found a breeder of Golden Doodles near us around Thanksgiving. The owner sent me a message right before Christmas, they had a litter coming! And, on New Year's Day, the litter was born - one girl and three boys. 

Since New Year's we have trekked the twenty or so miles to visit the puppies several times. We knew we wanted a girl puppy. After some discussion over her name, we finally settled on Leia. Rosie was named by her breeder - she is Princess Rose. So now, we have another princess, Princess Leia. 

Leia came home on Wednesday. Rosie is not sure what to make of her. Wednesday she ignored Leia while we all tried to shower equal amounts of attention on both of them. Wednesday night was rough. Leia was sad to be away from her brother, she wasn't sure what a crate was, and couldn't understand why she couldn't be with us. She cried and cried, even though Liam and I were laying in a bed right next to her crate. I took her out several times during the night. On the third trip, we had an additional visitor to Liam's room, Rosie. She wanted to see Leia and lay near the crate. Small steps.

Thursday found us having a visit to the vet's office. Leia weighed in at a whopping 19.6 pounds at 11 weeks old. The vet was impressed with her chill nature. We laughed at how she struggled to stay awake during the visit after playing with the boys all morning. (I'd like to have her this exhausted at night...small steps.)

As for Leia and Rosie, they've warmed up a bit. Leia wants to be best friends - to play and wrestle, curl up together on the couch. Rosie wants to walk near her, lay a foot away from each other on the couch, check her out from afar. While they aren't best friends yet, I'm hopeful at where they will end up in a few weeks.

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