Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's a Good Thing She's Cute... Slice of Life 3/29/17

I am frazzled. Our lives are crazy busy on a regular basis. We have one dog, Rosie. I often describe her as a hot mess - she's anxious at times, a bit of a princess. However, she's also one of the easiest dogs in the world. She's happy as long as she can sit by you. She's pretty quiet, unless she sees a bird or squirrel outside. Otherwise, she's a breeze. 

And yet, we decided to bring a new dog into our household. There were a variety of reasons. One, as crazy as Rosie is, I think she truly would love a friend. Two, our boys have never had a puppy - that's something to experience. Three, we just love dogs. So, Leia joined our home last week.

Holy smokes, folks. It has been seventeen years since I had a puppy. Today found me taking her out to play in the yard as soon as I got home from school. Rosie came out too and Leia had a bathroom break outside. After awhile, we came back in. We played ball in the living room for twenty minutes or so, then I grabbed my shoes and took both dogs in the van to go pick up the boys from track. Returning home, I found Chris cleaning up the rug. Apparently in the two minutes I ran to get my shoes, Leia went into the living room and pooped on the carpet. Twice. 


So, twenty minutes before I began recording a podcast tonight, Chris rolled up the rug and took it out of the house. I just think she can't be trusted right now around one. 

I think I've been muttering, "This too shall pass..." nonstop of late. 

Leia is lovable, cuddly, and adorable. It's a darn good thing too.

If anyone has house training tips or advice for living with a crazy puppy, feel free to send some our way.

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