Saturday, March 18, 2017

Remembering to Relax - Slice of Life 3/18/17

On Friday we dismissed early to begin our spring break. I came home, put a few things away, and thought of how much I didn't want to go swim. It's not about swimming, I love it, I had zero desire to drive to the Y. Roughly thirty-six miles round trip, I was just not feeling the drive. It had been a long, but good, day at school. I wanted to put on some sweats, curl up on the couch, and possibly read a book.

I debated, I could swim Saturday, right? I had an entire week off of school, there were so many days ahead that I could squeeze in a swim, why go now? And yet, I pulled on my suit and headed out the door.

The drive gave me time to relax a bit. I realized I was feeling tense and wasn't sure why. Mentally I unchecked the list of items I needed to do and before long, I pulled into the parking lot.

I smiled as I saw a half-empty lot and had hope in my heart. Upon scanning my phone to check-in, I turned to look through the window at the pool. All the lanes were open for lap swim and only half had anyone in it. Glorious. 

I moved through the locker room faster than usual and was on the pool deck in minutes. I pulled on my goggles, set up watch for 750 yards, and hopped in.

The first few laps seemed to fly by. With each stroke through the water I felt more tension leave my body. The laps began adding up and I didn't feel tired, but like I needed to keep going.

When I finally felt relaxed and at peace, I looked down at my watch,1000 yards. Pulling myself out of the pool and heading to the locker room, I smiled. This was the perfect way to begin my break - setting the standard for nine days of relaxing, making time for things I love, and centering myself. 

Let the break begin.
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