Saturday, March 25, 2017

Disappointment - Slice of Life 3/25/17

This morning
as I blearily picked up Leia
carrying her outside
I thought of the laps I would swim tonight.

We wandered the yard
dawn just arriving
and I marveled once again
how similar a puppy is to a newborn.

Going about my day
with a crazy busy morning
and a calm afternoon
my mind looked forward to the peace of the pool.

Liam and I were almost late
so caught up was I in The Hate U Give
that the early evening snuck up on me.
I raced to get my suit on,
grab my pool bag,
he got his basketball shoes
and we were out the door.

On the way to the Y I mulled over 
the book I had just finished.
A must read.
I turned on Pod Save America
And stressed out a bit over the current climate.
Yep, those laps were needed.

We pulled into the parking lot
spilling out of the van.
I grabbed my bag
and we headed into the building.

Pulling up the Y's app,
I got ready to check in,
and then, 
I saw it.
A red notification on facilities.

Oh no...
my mind raced.
I looked up at the desk
while also opening the notification center
as I walked in.
My heart sank as I learned the news

The lap pool was closed tonight,
and possibly longer.
Pump failure.


Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers