Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nuggets of Goodness...Slice of Life 3/30/17

Man alive, I was grumpy yesterday. I love this new, fluffy, ball of energy living in our house named Leia. That being said, yesterday I was spent. I haven't had a full night sleep since last Wednesday. Yesterday I also got up at 5am so that I could squeeze in a swim before school. I was stressed, exhausted, and then a certain puppy was not cooperating. Perfect story of ugh.

So today, even though I had to wake up at 5am again, I began looking for the goodness to be found. I was determined not to be grouchy again.

I laughed at my oldest son. We were up early because my boys see a dermatologist every four months. His office is thirty miles away, but he does 6:30am appointments so we don't need to miss school to go. Luke went to his first concert last night with his friends (Green Day) and got home shortly before midnight. Getting up at 5:45am was rough on his teenage body, but it was an experience he won't forget. (And he was hilarious trying to curl up with his long lanky body.) 
I got to school and finally had a moment to read this picture book. WOW. Here Reynolds is talking about our students that have ADD/ ADHD and how we need to celebrate all kids. I absolutely loved this one.
I know how blessed I am to work in a building with a librarian, even though we don't get her full time - she works in two buildings in our district. Today my students went down to hear book talks from Mrs. D on our assigned genre this quarter. I sat in the corner doing some fluency testing. I loved hearing the kids get excited over books, how they would flip to the back of their notebooks to write down the books they wanted to read, or the shouts of "Mrs. S book talked that one..." when they saw a book they knew.

The dogs were markedly improved in their attitudes towards each other. I'll take it. It is far from perfect, yet today was much improved over yesterday.

And, once again, I was reminded that life is better when we work together. After yesterday's post about the challenges with Leia, I had so many comments, Facebook messages, texts, and more giving advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it all.

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