About Me

I have taught for more than twenty years, mostly in central Illinois. While I've had the privilege of teaching all grades from preschool through seventh, the last few years I have found my place with my middle school students. 

This blog began back in 2011 as a way for me to become a better writing teacher. Through it I've gone on to write for Choice Literacy and NCTE's Voices from the Middle journal. I have been honored to have my writing published in several professional books such as: Bill Bass and Franki Sibberson's Digital Reading, Donalyn Miller and Colby Sharp's Game Changer, and Kate Messner's 59 Reasons to Write. 

I've been honored to be a guest on NPR to talk about the power of relationships with our students. I am a teacher regular on NCTE's Voices from the Middle podcast. And I am currently dipping my toes into the fiction writing waters. 

More than anything else, however, I am a wife and mom. The three guys in my house are my life. We have a crazy time watching our boys run, going from one sporting event to the next. We have two dogs, who are prominently featured on my Instagram on a regular basis.

This blog is my quiet place on the crazy world that is the internet. I use it as a place to reflect on teaching, parenting, reading, and writing. Sometimes it's focused on my classroom life, sometimes it's focused on my parenting, and sometimes focused on what I'm reading and writing. I hope it's a place that brings you peace and makes you smile.