Saturday, March 11, 2017

Connecting Through Writing - Slice of Life 3/11/17

I've been talking to my students a lot lately about how writing can impact others when you don't even realize it. I can see it in the books I read - Jo Knowles doesn't know when I'm sobbing over See You At Harry's. It happened recently with the article from the Chicago Sun-Times, the author made me connect to a school and a team that we were playing in our tournament.

As I pointed out to my students today, it can also happen through social media. I can connect with a person on Instagram because I like the photos they share. I have followed, or unfollowed, more than one person on Facebook over the tone and content of their posts. My students and I have had in depth discussion of how they portray themselves online.

On Friday I shared some Facebook posts with them. Their brains weren't focused - they were thinking about the basketball game that would be held that night. So I shared a picture from Facebook of an older couple I remember coming to every single high school basketball game growing up. They kept stats on all of the players, presented them with a book when the season was over. The gym was eventually named after them. Bob and Dorothy were an institution in our town.

We talked about how our history is really just about stories. Stories that get passed down by writing and oral storytelling. Friday I passed down some of the history of Monticello to my students. Then I went to watch the high school boys make history in the state tournament. We didn't win the first game, but play for third or fourth on Saturday afternoon/evening. History.

As I walked around the arena, people commented on how they were touched by my blog post I shared about Game Day. I got hugs, kind words, and shout outs. I can't predict how my writing will impact others, but I'm grateful to see that it did. It's all about connections and stories. Bringing us closer, weaving us all into one tight knit community.

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