Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I love my Mac, but... Slice of Life 3/22/17

Ok, I am seriously an Apple snob. It happened so gradually I hadn't even realized it. I think it started when I began teaching in my district, seventeen years ago. I came in my classroom and this beauty was on my desk...

From there my district moved on, and so did I. When Chris and I needed a new computer at home, we bought a beautiful iMac. When I needed a laptop, I purchased my first MacBook Pro. My phone, since I have had a smartphone, has always been an iPhone. I have an iPad, but don't use it. I'd love an iPad mini though. And for my birthday Chris bought me one of my favorite things - an Apple Watch. (It counts my laps as I swim!) So when I tell you the following please understand, it is coming from a place of love.

Today I wanted to pitch my MacBook Pro out a flipping window. 

I purchased a new one around Christmas. My old Pro had seen me through grad school, blog posts, articles, and more. It was a faithful computer, but was on its last legs. The new Pro came and it was a thing of beauty. There is this bizarre touch bar, but otherwise it was the same, right? NOPE. There are these stupid ports instead of anything normal called Thunderbolt 3. They really could just be called $$$$$.

I've bought countless adapters so that I can still use this computer the way I have in the past - ones to charge my phone in it, to hook up to HDMI, USB, blah blah blah. Today I needed to record a podcast for Voices From the Middle. I typically hardwire my internet when we record, WiFi in our house tends to be unreliable. I purposefully bought a new adapter for tonight - ethernet to Thunderbolt. The time came to get online and I realized it needed to be Thunderbolt 3 and wouldn't work. ARGH!

I ran and grabbed my old laptop that Liam supposedly uses now. It had no charge. Grabbed the cord, plugged it in, logged in, pulled up Zoom and nothing. It wouldn't connect. Now I remembered why I got rid of this thing.

Grabbing my laptop back, I decided we'd have to rely on the WiFi. I said a prayer to the internet gods and loaded up Zoom. I grabbed my headphones that I use for my iPhone 7, put them in, and realized they didn't work with these ports either. Are you serious? Tossed those to the side and just recorded, sans headphones.
Me, before I figured the headphone wouldn't work.

Oh Apple, I do love you so. I'm sure that the Thunderbolt 3 has wonderful and powerful reasons for the inclusion on this laptop. However, it is absolutely flipping ridiculous to expect people to shell out a ton of money (after buying the laptop) for all of these adapters. 

Deep breaths. The podcast was recorded. The conversation was excellent. I will, I'm certain, forgive Apple tomorrow. For now, I need to breathe. 

Slice of Life is a challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers