Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Looking for Advice - Social Emotional Learning through Literature

Often I come to this blog for advice. It drives my husband crazy because he cannot figure out why I would want so many people’s opinions when they can contradict and you’re left trying to figure out what advice to follow. To me, however, it’s invaluable. I came here and wrote when I wanted to do a Community Read. That project later grew to raise over $18,000 and was an experience I will never forget. (You can read that post HERE. We’re getting ready to do a much smaller Community Read soon, which I’ll write more about.) I also came HERE to pick office furniture as well as plan my trip to Colorado. (HERE) I value the opinions of my community.

My friend, Donalyn, often says that the smartest person in the room is the room. I believe she’s quoting David Weinberger there, but either way, I couldn’t agree more. And so, I am turning to you all.

I’m currently part of a group that’s writing a grant looking at Social Emotional Learning and literature. We’re looking to purchase a large set of picture books for teachers to use during advisory, mini lessons, or small groups. We’d also like to purchase some novel sets to do book clubs outside of the classroom. These could vary in topic, but we’re looking to be able to read and discuss important topics with small groups that want to delve in, but do so in a thoughtful manner outside of the classroom.

So, hit me up. What books do you see as perfect for this project - picture books, novels, anything else? Please share titles with me. We have a list started, but I’d hate to overlook something you know would work well.

Thanks in advance!