Sunday, March 24, 2019

Reflecting on Spring Break

Like all good things, Spring Break is finally coming to an end. I don’t think it is an over exaggeration to say I really needed this break. I’m not sure why I needed it more this year than usual, but I truly did. I was worn out. Though, to be fair, I still am. But I needed that time just to sit, to be still, to be present.

This week gave me that.

It was bookended by two indoor track meets for Luke. Beyond that, however, the nine days since I was last at school have been blissfully unscheduled.

Friends posted online gorgeous photos from far away. Sandy beaches, amusement parks, ball games, and more. And we’ve gone on vacation over break for many years, but more often than not, we stay home.

I’m grateful for the quiet.

My break was filled with quiet days and nights at home.
Catching up with my sons who are all too busy,
And will be gone all too soon.

Sixteen and thirteen,
Almost fourteen.
I wonder where the days have gone.

It was filled with a few hours of babysitting,
Nieces that are six and two,
With crazy amazing imaginations.

Games of hide and seek,
Building palaces for dogs
Dreaming up stories.

Sports, as always.
Running, running, running,
Shouting with joy,
Groaning in defeat.

It was filled with the necessary.

And it was filled with words,
Nine books read.
Stories alive in my mind and in my heart.

Words written,
My fingers clicking across the page,
Over ten thousand added to my book
Another five thousand on this blog.

Days stretched upon days.
I slept, read, wrote, and slept some more.
And actually squeezed in a date with this guy.
What could be better than that?