Sunday, March 3, 2019

My Writing Space

This could probably be a “Writing Wednesday” post for me, so I will tag it as such. That being said, I’ve committed to writing each day in March. I don’t want to schedule posts ahead of time. As such, since the inspiration for this post came today, up it goes. If you haven’t checked out my Wednesday posts, please follow the tag. I am beyond grateful to so many authors for giving their time and adding in a snippit of their writing life for us to learn from.

And now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t ask them to share a photo of their writing space. Future writers that I ask, that question is being added to the doc as I type.

At any rate, my writing space. Welcome. Pull up a chair. See, I live in a house full of boys. Excuse me, Leia and Rosie demand that I mention that there are also two female dogs, but the majority of this 1800 square foot house is filled up with boys. Tall boys. Chris, my husband, is six foot six. Luke is just over six feet, Liam is just below. They take up a lot of space. So do their friends. As such, the space that I feel like is “mine” has shrunk dramatically in the past few years. Poor Chris, he has it even worse.

Side note, parents who have older children, I completely understand that this is a blessing. I get it, I promise, and am grateful for these tall beings that are eating us out of house and home. I treasure everyday that we have them here.

That being said, when I began this writing journey last year, I searched the house for a writing space to no avail. I often flee to a coffee shop and do sincerely feel like my best writing is done there, and am anxiously awaiting spring break and summer as a result. Yet, I do still need to write at home. So, I’ve comendeered a corner of our bedroom. It was already filled with our books due to a need to hide the “slope” of this corner of the house before we fixed the foundation. (Oh how I wish we had leveled this room when we remodeled it years ago, but I digress.) 

Over the past year more and more of what I love has been added to this tiny corner and I’ve scattered photos of some of it in this post. But now, after getting paid for a side job, I get to add one of the big ticket items I’ve been wanting to add. I’m turning to you all for your thoughts on this very important topic. See, I’ve wanted a nicer desk chair for awhile, but also a more comfortable armchair. So, dear readers, what would you do? Desk chair? Armchair? Both are decently close in price. And I write at my desk and in the chair. I have debated this for days, so am turning to you all.


And, if you feel like sharing, tell us about your writing space. Maybe it will inspire me to change up mine a bit more.