Friday, March 1, 2019

My March Writing Challenge

Today I began my morning just as I do every day, walking our dogs. Leia is a Goldendoodle and larger than Rosie, our King Charles Cavalier. To walk them together is a nightmare, so each morning I get up, walk Leia a mile, then grab Rosie and walk anywhere from a half of a  mile to a mile. It is a good time to reflect. 
Amazing sunrise on our walk. No filter. Wowza.

On our walk today I ran through the schedule for the week, and came to a full stop when I realized it was March 1st. I love the month of March. In the midwest it reminds me that maybe the long dreary days of winter are just a bit closer to an end. It reminds me of spring, which symbolizes new growth and possibility. It also is the time of one of my favorite writing challenges, hosted over at Two Writing Teachers -- the Slice of Life Challenge. You can find more about it HERE. If you are so inclined, join them! Truly, the kindest folks always join that challenge and will encourage you along the way. 

Once again this year I'm joining this challenge in my own way. All of my reasons for doing my own challenge last year that I wrote about HERE are true again today, other than recently recovering from the flu. Add to that the notion that I'm currently writing book two in a romance series and have no idea if I will have the time to devote to writing daily on this blog, I just can't commit to anything official. That being said, I want to try the daily blogging again this month. I feel like this challenge just for me was what eventually led to writing my own book last year and for that, I'm grateful. I wonder if writing daily for my blog will spur me to write more in my book? Less? Will I notice more? I want to try and find out.

So here we go. This is my challenge to myself this March. I hope you will join in how ever you see fit. I'm already mentally composing a list of topics to write about. I cannot wait to begin.