Sunday, March 10, 2019

A Day in Pictures

I woke up this morning and groaned. See, I do love sleep. I tend to sleep around seven hours a night during the week and try to snag a full eight on the weekend. This is hampered by a strong desire to stay up late reading, but on the weekend I am able to supplement by sleeping in.

Except this weekend.

Saturday morning dawned early and I woke to take first Leia, then Rosie, on a walk. Neither dog was thrilled, it was pretty windy and I couldn’t walk either of them a full mile because we had somewhere to be. When I got home from walking Rosie, Leia just sat and stared at me. I think I can feel the displeasure from here.

Then, the reason for the early morning hour - it was Solo and Ensemble day for our students in band and choir. Liam was in the 8th grade percussion ensemble. They were awesome. I got the chance to talk with many parents and kids while we were at the middle school. I love seeing our community’s dedication to this program.

After we watched Liam, Chris and I headed off to Champaign for the coffee at a place near campus. Their vanilla latte was amazing. We sat at the counter and I was impressed by the barista who was both knowledgeable and endlessly kind to everyone who came in.

Then I tried writing. While I did get over a thousand words written when we were there, they were hard fought words. It was not an easy writing day.

From there we trekked over to the Japanese grocery for some rice. I was excited to see so many amazing food items that aren’t at our typical grocer. Ideas for new dinners were at every turn.

And we ended our trip to Champaign with lunch at one of my favorite spots, a Mexican restaurant where everything is delicious.

Coming home I crashed for a nap to gain back some of that sleep I lost out on in the morning, then read until church. After church I was baking cookies for the kids Liam was having over for a sleepover and looked out to this beautiful view outside of our kitchen window.

After a rainy day, it was a welcome sight.

Last night I, once again, forgot to go to bed early. Not a big deal, except it was the time change and I have to be up and at our high school by nine to head with a group to Chicago to see Dear Evan Hansen. So, up at six, walked the dogs, and now I quickly type out this day and photos so I can get to the school on time. I cannot wait to see this show.

Happy Sunday!