Thursday, March 7, 2019

Reflection, Awareness, and Growth

I’ve written here many times about the importance of teaching my students to be reflective. While this was work that I did as an elementary school teacher, it truly is vital in middle school. I don’t know that kids this age are reflective by nature. Truly, getting them to look at a situation honestly, see their part in it, think of what they want, make goals to get there, does not come naturally.

And yet, as I’ve looked inwardly, I’m not sure it is easy for any of us.

Over the past ten years this is something I’ve pushed myself on quite a bit. When I’m not happy in a situation I try and step back and look at why. I try to look at things that might make me uncomfortable, but to really examine how I got there, what actions I took. Sometimes I have to sit with the idea that I was wrong, which isn’t easy for me (or likely for anyone). While none of this has been easy, it does help me to grow.

Today I was listening to a podcast on my walk. A woman was interviewing another woman and they were discussing the power of reflection and awareness. One said to the other that she recently realized that she made herself uncomfortable to make other people comfortable. That she tended to keep herself small, so to say, to make everyone else feel happy.

I literally stopped on the sidewalk, paused the podcast, and thought about that idea.

Holy crap, I totally do this.

This blog post, obviously, will not be complete because I need to really process this some more, but I’m fascinated that at the age of forty-five, I’m just realizing this. I’d say it’s a mom thing, but in thinking about this for the rest of my walk, I’d say this is something I’ve always done. Maybe it’s a female thing?


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people need to go out and put themselves first in every situation and that’s what is important. However, I am wondering how often I defer and why that is.

Reflection. It’s powerful stuff, sometimes uncomfortable, but I love it. I love learning more about myself, seeing the things that make me tick, figuring out how I could grow.

Have a fabulous Thursday!