Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You Say You Want A #nerdlution...

Every time I see #nerdlution in a tweet my brain automatically starts singing,

You say you want a #nerdlution,
Well, you know.
We all want to change the world.

I love this little movement that has turned into something bigger than a few friends making goals.

I love that there are so many positive folks on Twitter.

I love that I’m friends with so many of them.

I feel like we, as a group, can change the world. Look at the positive energy this hashtag has created? I was a bit of a grouch tonight. Judging by the attitude my sons both have, I think it might be something in the air. Getting out of that mood was easy – I simply read the #nerdlution tweets. Happiness and positive energy abounds. I highly recommend it when you need to turn your mood around.

We’ve also begun a #nerdlution in my classroom. My students know my goals and are welcome to ask me how I’m doing any day. They have created their own as well and have check-off charts in their writing notebook to keep track of their success? Their goals? Awesome:

Check over my homework at night.
Eat healthier.
50 crunches a day and not as much candy.
Run two times around the neighborhood each day.
Run and be healthier.
Run each day.
Write a page in my notebook a day.
Read and write more daily.
Read an hour a day.
Write and exercise more.
Read 20 minutes, run 30 minutes, drink water, eat an apple a day.
Convince my parents to buy me a horse.
Less TV and fighting with my brother.
Work on organizing my writing.
5 layups and a run daily.
Give something to others daily.
Less candy, TV every other day, no “sassing” back.

Love these kids. Today we reflected on the goals three days in. I reminded them this is no pressure – reassess your goals, change if needed. The main goal we have as a class is to come out at the end of the 50 days feeling good about what we accomplished.

Some kids are very earnest about what they are undertaking. Some, I am assuming, I will be reminding them along the way of what we’re doing. Either way, I’m glad to go on this journey with them.

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