Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celebrate This Week 12/21/13

Today is the first day of our holiday break. The first day of some much needed downtime. The first day of my holiday #bookaday – something I participate in each break thanks to the great idea from Donalyn Miller. As of the typing of this post, 1:30 pm on a Saturday, I have read two books, talked to countless friends through texts and phone calls, stuffed myself with M&Ms, and have not changed out of my pajamas. It is a beautiful day indeed.

Today is our day for weekly celebration as well – a celebration organized on Ruth Ayres blog each week in a weekly roundup of blog posts. I’m joining in with some celebrations from the past week. 

Celebrations moving across the rows:
Row 1: Mock Caldecott with Margie's class, Twitter cookies from Brenda, a sweet gift from a student - a drawing of our class tree, Thalia. 
Row 2: M&Ms and Starbucks - my students know me well, sharing Christmas Eve on Sesame Street with my class. 
Row 3: My class before break, Liam's stack of reading for the break, my first book of #bookaday

So many things to celebrate - they are front and center in my mind today. Wishing you all the happiest of holidays. I will be sporadic on posting for the next two weeks, hope to be here regularly, but might kick back and enjoy some down time. 

Merry Christmas!