Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrate this Week 12/28/13

What a week to Celebrate! Thanks to Ruth for gathering these weekly celebrations on her blog. I’m grateful for the time to sit down each Saturday morning and reflect on the past week and realize just how blessed I am. As in past weeks, I’m celebrating through photos. Description of each is below the mosaic.

Moving across the mosaic, this week I'm celebrating…

Row One:
·      Clearing out clothes the boys have outgrown, or that Chris and I don’t wear. Our home feels lighter now. It had been awhile since our last Goodwill donation.
·      My boys automatically pull out books to read to their young cousin. I love that they know how important reading is. I love that Vivian enjoys being read to.
·      Waiting to come down the stairs on Christmas. I tend to torture them, putting cinnamon rolls in the oven, straightening up the house, anything to make them wait longer.

Row Two:
·      My parents with their grandchildren. This photo just makes me happy.
·      My cousins, who are actually closer in age to my sons. I love that my cousins are so amazing with my boys. They are our most requested babysitters by far.
·      My parents and my great-uncle. We’ve always called him Colonel, not sure why. He finds the craziest gifts for my dad (like the red sleigh two photos before.) The gifts are always thought out, with a story behind them. I love that he surprised my dad again this year.

Row Three:
·      The boys and Chris’s mom. Glad she was able to spend Christmas with us again.
·      Our high school basketball teams host a tournament over Christmas break. They let Luke’s team of fifth graders scrimmage during halftime. The boys were so excited to play in front of that big crowd. I was proud of Luke for taking three shots, he worries he won’t make them and doesn’t tend to shoot. Super thrilled he made one in front of that huge group. Grateful to the crowd for paying attention to these kids during halftime and cheering them on.
·      Lazy days. Our schedule this break has a few events scattered on them, but more days with not a thing to do. I love that. We’ve had so little down time since summer, days filled with reading, puzzles, movies, and hot chocolate were needed.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying some down time of your own! Happy Saturday!