Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrate This Week 12/14/13

I love that Ruth has begun to hold this weekly time of celebration on her blog. Head on over there to check out the amazing celebrations linked up. Each Saturday I sit down and reflect on the week that just passed. I love the focus on the positive – it is a good reminder for us all.

There are many things I could celebrate today – my students were amazing this week. My own children were fabulous too. Instead I’m going to focus on this weekend. I’m in Chicago to spend time with friends. Unlike when I was young and could take off at a moments notice, this now requires a lot of work.

Sub plans to be out of my classroom for an appointment on Friday.
Plans and schedules for my boys.
My mom and dad to watch them after school yesterday.
My mother in law to stay with them last night and the rest of the weekend.
Another steroid shot for Bally, hoping that will help her through the weekend.
Friends to shuttle my boys from one event or another.
An additional trip to the grocery store to stock up on food for them to be snowed in.

And on, and on, and on.

But we are here. Dinner with friends last night, shopping in the snow and more time and meals together today and tonight. I’m grateful for the effort it took on everyone’s part to get us here to have a fun weekend in the snow. It truly does take a village. 

Photo descriptions going across:
Row 1: Luke photo bombing my lesson plans; Chicago; my reading for the weekend.
Row 2: Skyline at night from our hotel; $4 soda - made of gold?; Kuma's Too menu
Row 3: Amazing burger; Thought of Colby - so glad he got tickets; Chicago in the snow

Have a terrific weekend!