Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Slice of Life - Breathe

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Man alive, yesterday was one of those days. Upon seeing my fabulously funny students, I promptly realized that at least a quarter of them had likely not cracked a book over Thanksgiving break. I began to despair. Of course, these are the kiddos who need to read the most, yet continue to read the least. I was frustrated. I still am. I look at our reading class – choice, authentic responses, and not much in the way of homework but to read. What else can I do?

Add this to policies I don’t agree with, schedules filling up with “stuff” in December, and the calendar moving all too quickly to the twenty-fifth despite the fact that I haven’t purchased all of my gifts... and you get a frustrated me.



I’m going to guess we all deal with this day in, day out. Just the other day my husband was lamenting that Luke – our oldest – doesn’t put forth his best effort on a regular basis. True, Luke will try hard when he wants to, but not consistently. I reminded Chris that I was the same way and would call myself a hard worker now. So maybe there is hope for Luke yet.

And for my students.

We talked yesterday. I explained how disappointed I was that some of the kids hadn’t read. I shared what I managed to read over break – even though I am an adult, responsible for much more than they are, and also had to attend the same basketball tournament so many of them were using as the excuse that they didn’t read.

Deep breaths.

I’m chalking this one up to a good life lesson, but wow was I frustrated. Here’s hoping that Christmas break brings more reading time to my students and to me.