Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celebrate This Week - 12/7/13

Thank you again, Ruth, for giving us this reason to celebrate each Saturday. Check out Ruth’s blog for a link-up of all of the Saturday celebrations this week.

This week I have so many reasons to celebrate:

Who knew a tweet about Colby writing daily and Franki looking at new running shoes would turn into this. Before I knew it, Chris Lehman was committing to push ups, I had agreed to read and write daily, and others joined in. I love being part of a large group with the focus on doing anything to make ourselves happier and healthier. Each day I have found time at some point to read the #nerdlution feed and respond to others I don’t know. Reading that feed makes me feel joyful every single time.

#nerdlution in my classroom
As I blogged about earlier in the week, my class is doing #nerdlution as well. It is interesting to see the items they picked to focus on and read their entries about how they think it is going so far. I feel it is important to teach students not just to reflect and make resolutions, but teach them how. They really don’t know, at least not at eleven.  I love listening to their conversations about their #nerdlution and watching them grow as people.

Dinners on Tuesdays
I mentioned this on my blog post on Nerdy Book Club today. While at NCTE I had the chance to talk to Linda Urban. In one of our conversations, she mentioned that her family has “read at the table Tuesdays.” I asked for clarification and she explained that everyone brings their books to the table, they have food you can eat with one hand, and they read their books for the entire dinner. I came home and promptly announced to my family that we were beginning this tradition. Our first night was this week and I loved it. I think my family might think I’m crazy, which really isn’t unusual, but they humored me. This will be a weekly event.
I love this season. When the house is decorated, I feel content and happy. Each morning for #nerdlution I have woken earlier than normal, stumbled downstairs, walked the dog, and then curled up on the couch to write. This has been my view. Even when I have felt my writing is horrid – most days – I remain happy and peaceful because of my surroundings. What a fabulous way to write.

Happy Saturday!