Saturday, March 3, 2012

Slice of Life three - short

  Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourself to write a Slice A Day. Here we go! 

Chris, Andrew, and myself
If I stand up with excellent posture and stretch ever so slightly I might reach sixty two inches tall. Truly, I am five foot one and a half. I, however, always round up my height to 5’2”. My husband rounds down. He’s just a bit under 6’7”, yet when asked he says he is 6’6”.

I have no idea what would be like to be that tall. I thought I was tall in sixth grade because during a dance unit in PE I was taller than most of the boys. I hated it. I prayed I wouldn’t always be taller then the guys. God answered that prayer and I ceased growing at that point. Thanks.

Can you tell Chris is
bending over?
In college I met Chris and was in awe of his height. Then I met his brother Andrew, who is even taller. (6’9”) In my short family, this stands out. In all family photos Chris’s head hovers over the rest of us. In our wedding photos he is bending his knees behind my dress. There are downfalls. Heads bonked in doorways. The agony of shopping for shoes – size 16 isn’t easy to come by. Or clothes in general. On the other hand cooking tonight was a breeze as items from the top shelf of cabinets could just be handed to me. No scaling counters required.

My boys - growing too fast!
The only downside to me is that my babies don’t feel like babies for long. Luke was born three weeks early and was 8lbs. 2 oz. and  21 inches long. Liam was two weeks early weighing in at 8 lbs. 12 oz. and 22 inches long. Here they are today an nine and six years old respectively. I think I’m going to be passed soon. Off to work on my posture, I need ever centimeter I can get.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures - my iPhone wasn't cooperating tonight!