Thursday, March 22, 2012

Slice 22 - Typical day

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourself to write a Slice A Day. Here we go! 

Typical day on spring break, or summer vacation for that matter.

Hear the alarm go off for Chris, roll over and go back to sleep.

Wake up a bit later, squint at the clock, 8:02 am.

Stumble out of bed, down the stairs. Greet Luke who has already eaten his cereal and is now playing on the computer. Ask if he has fed the dog and taken her out. Make breakfast shake and bring it back to bed.

Check Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook while drinking shake. Delight in the goodness that is chocolate Shakeology.

See Liam stumble by my door on his way downstairs. Glance at the clock, 9 am. Say a prayer of gratitude at the wonderful ease of parenting children who can get their own breakfast and entertain themselves for awhile. Bliss after the infant/ toddler years.

Glance at bookshelf – what to read for #bookaday? Today’s choice, Racing in the Rain. Curl up in bed with the book. Finish it.

Middle of the day – errands. Today, take the boys to my mom’s. Head to the doctor. Find out that I need orthotics. Feel old. Meet sister-in-law for lunch. Pick my boys up from the park. Return home.

At home hang out with kids, nap, watch Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Decide to use this as my rest day for exercise. Pick up another book for #bookaday, Floors by Patrick Carman. Read on and off until after dinner. Finish it.

Talk to my mom on the phone. She finished a book I had recommended, Wonder, and called to tell me how amazing it is and how everyone in the country should read this. I concurred.

Finish making dinner while Chris mowed the yard and the boys belted out Rock Band tunes in the basement. We all begged Chris to trek to Dairy Queen for the inaugural ice cream of the spring/ summer. Success!

Read some magazines, then some more slices on wonderful blogs. Went to put Liam to bed. The twirl continues.

Lay in Liam’s room realizing how insane it is that I’m sweaty and wish the air conditioner was on when it’s March in Illinois. Crazy.

And got ready for bed – more reading, more blogs, more Vlogbrothers, more Twitter, more Facebook.


I adore teaching but man, I do love vacations as well.