Saturday, March 24, 2012

Slice 24 - Reflection on reading habits

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourself to write a Slice A Day. Here we go! 

A few days ago I wrote a slice on a typical day during spring break. Kevin left the following comment:

I gave some thought to that as I began my day. I’ve been looking forward to Friday all week. It was the only day during spring break we didn’t have a commitment. We didn’t need to head to a doctor appointment, run errands, anything. My goal, was simple, not to change out of my pajamas and read. With Kevin’s comment in mind, I paid particular attention to how reading was involved with my day.

Woke up and read emails, Twitter, Facebook.

Spent morning and afternoon finishing The Art of Fielding. Upon finishing sat and thought about it. The book reminded me strongly of one of my favorites, A Prayer for Owen Meany but I cannot discern why I feel that connection. If any of you have read both – do you see a connection?

Afternoon and evening spent reading The Pull of Gravity. So glad to finally get to this excellent YA book. Sad when I finished it so quickly. Wanted to spend more time with the characters.

Read to my boys, The One and Only Ivan. They asked why I kept stopping at such amazing parts. Smiled.

As I lay down with Liam for him to go to sleep read Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It: False Apology Poems – love this one after reading William Carlos Williams poem in Sharon Creech’s Hate that Cat this year.

Finally, before typing up this slice I checked in on Twitter and debated Gale vs. Peeta with friends on there. The discussion went to other books – Twilight, Matched. Then to other books we were reading, how the Hunger Games movie compared to the book, etc. Reminded me of why I adore my Twitter friends. Had to laugh at the directions the conversation took.
Overall, the day was exactly as I wanted it. Remained in my pjs the entire day, caught up on reading, hung out and relaxed with my boys. And while I did get a lot read, and a bit more than normal, I realize that my daily routine probably involves more reading than the average adult. Without reading at some point of the day, I don’t feel rested or relaxed. It is a habit deeply engrained in my day and one I hope my boys develop as well.