Saturday, March 17, 2012

Slice 17 - Daufuskie Island

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourself to write a Slice A Day. Here we go! 

My blog header is the beach at Daufuskie
My close friends know I struggle, at times, with anxiety. I’ve learned to cope over the years but it is something ever present in my mind. One event that is sure the raise the anxiety levels is change of any kind, including traveling. That being said, there is one place I don’t mind leaving home for; Daufuskie Island, South Carolina.

Daufuskie Island is a tiny island off the coast of South Carolina right near Hilton Head. It was made famous in Pat Conroy’s memoir, The Water is Wide, which details his teaching experience on the island in 1969. Until recently there was a large Gullah population on the island, their ancestors had settled there after the Civil War. Daufuskie has had three resorts on the tiny island along with a residential area, some artists, an old school house, a new school, and an amazing restaurant called Marshside Mama’s.
Chris at Marshside Mama's

Liam and my mom at Marshside Mama's

Luke and my dad at Marshside

Daufuskie is only accessible by boat. My family began going to the island in 1989. At the time we went to a resort called Melrose on the island. That later became know as the Daufuskie Island Club. Through the years we traveled there several times. When Chris and I got married in 1996, I knew there was one spot I wanted to go to for our honeymoon. In the last twenty three years I’ve probably only been there for ten or eleven weeks total, but what wonderful weeks they are.

Now we spend time at another location on the island, Haig Point. We arrive in Hilton Head and head to the Haig Point landing. The ferry ride is only about thirty minutes long. Once we arrive at the island, we quickly get our ride for the week, a golf cart. We drive on narrow lanes to the house we’ve rented and begin to unpack. My boys alternate between fishing in the ponds, swimming in the pool, and playing on the beach. I alternate between reading in the sun, reading on the porch, and yoga. It is a blissful time.

Being on the island is like stepping back in time. While you do have a TV, cell and Internet reception is spotty, at best. Many of the roads on the island are dirt. It is a slower and quieter way of life. I often leave feeling more relaxed and at peace.

As I lay in bed all day Friday, wishing healthy vibes upon my self (and my wonderful looking eye), I daydreamed about the island. Today begins our week of Spring Break. Unfortunately we aren’t traveling there this year for break but will this summer. I can hardly wait.