Sunday, March 25, 2012

Slice 26 and It's Monday! What are you reading?

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I’m joining Jen & Kellee (and many other bloggers) in discussing what we are reading this week. Join us! Go to their site and link up your own blog.

Oh spring break – how I will miss thee. Truly, it was excellent. And while I didn’t get my house clean, or my garden beds weeded, or my grad school papers written, I DID get a lot of books read. My wonderful friend Donalyn started #bookaday as a hashtag on Twitter some time ago. We try and read a book a day during the summer. At some point it also became a goal over holiday breaks. This past Christmas break I read 52 books. I made an Animoto video to show my students. Honestly, I had forgotten I had done that until a student asked if I would create one for spring break as well. So, for my Slice of Life for today AND my It’s Monday! What are you reading? Here’s what I’ve read this past week:

Stats for the week:

9 days/ 20 books

8 Picture Books
2 Graphic Novels
1 Poetry Book
5 Middle Grade Chapter Books
3 Young Adult Chapter Books
1 Adult book

3,352 pages

It was a wonderful reading week. J As for this week – no idea what I’ll read. Hopefully Trumpeter of Krakow which I’ve been waiting for so I can continue my #nerdbery challenge.

Slice of Life friends - sorry! I had to post this on the 25th instead of the 26th. Was trying to get the video to embed and it ended up publishing early but it is my 26th slice. And thanks so much for the thoughtful comments on yesterday (Sunday's) post. I appreciate all of you. :)