Friday, March 9, 2012

Slice of Life - Mother of the Year

 Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourself to write a Slice A Day. Here we go! 

I always assumed I’d have sons. Not sure why, but I felt certain it would be boys. And while I was correct I also thought there would be three and there is only two of them and will only be two of them. Three would do me in. J Although, come to think of it, maybe I was counting Chris as one of the three? I digress. I always wanted to be a mom and being one to boys has been perfection. I actually get rather irritated when people have told me to “try for a girl” or that I won’t be complete without a daughter. While I have, at times, wanted another baby, not one part of me has had a yearning for a girl. Nothing wrong with them at all, and if we had been blessed with a daughter I’m sure I would have been fine. But to me, that devalues the joy that I am given every day by being a mom to Luke and Liam.

That being said, we had one of “those days” today. The days I question the sanity and whether or not I still possess said sanity. We raced home from school to feed these every growing children of mine. They were STARVING you see. Apparently school lunch was not good so they didn’t eat. Now they HAD to eat before piano, which, by the way, began in twelve minutes. Hello Lucky Charms, we’re so glad you’re here. I ran upstairs to get changed into my running clothes (to force myself to run when I got home).

When I came back down I said, “Let’s go.” Luke, my wonderful son, became a huge grump. How could he possibly leave for piano? He needed to watch another Skeleton Creek video. He needed to pack his bag tonight for school tomorrow. He needed to find the game Headbands to bring to school for game day tomorrow. He needed to do all of this right now. Not after piano. My reply was something to the effect that I was headed to the car, be in it in two minutes.

Liam and I sat idling in the drive and Luke finally leaped in with a sigh and a scowl. And since he did that he had no choice but to have to recite the oath.

Repeat after me my darling son:

~My mom is the best mom in the Earth. Yes, Luke, you must say the oath!

~She is beautiful, kind, and wonderful.

~She’s an amazing cook as well.

~When she speaks the birds sing.

~I’m darn lucky she’s in my life.

Ahh. And now we all feel better. I should just slap the Mother of the Year sticker on the car now. I'm sure the boys would agree.