Monday, March 12, 2012

Marty McGuire Digs Worms! By Kate Messner

Today I stopped in the office after lunch and found a gift in my mailbox. I confess, I was hoping to see this beautiful envelope with the word Scholastic emblazoned on the top. See, friends on Twitter had been discussing the arrival of the ARC for Kate Messner's second "Marty" book over the weekend. I hoped, I prayed, that I would receive one as well. But, I also know how expensive ARCs are for publishers and would have absolutely understood if I didn't get one. But man alive, was I happy to see that package.

See, I adore Marty! I read the first book last spring and knew Kate was on to something. What a fun book that is accessible for some of my lower readers - and yet one they would still want to read! I was delighted when I heard there was a second volume being created. (And I hope this is the second of many Mary installments.) In this book Marty and her classmates are competing to see who can create the best Earth Day project. I love the lessons embedded in this book - conservation, patience, and a little lesson on Jane Goodall as well.

I took the book home after school and immediately fell back into Marty's world. What a relatable character for our students! All too soon I was turning the last pages. I loved it and I cannot wait to take this book to my students tomorrow and see who wants to start the reading chain.

Kate Messner's Website HERE

Reading level: 3rd-5th
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Appeals to: Boys and Girls
Rating: Five Stars
Release date: April 1, 2012