Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slice of Life - Spring Break At Home

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My favorite way to spend Spring Break
Is relaxing on Daufuskie Island.
Listening to the waves crash on the shore.
Forgetting the time,
Or even the day.
Watching the sun rise and set.
Feeling content in a way that I haven’t for so long.

This year my island is far away.
Saving money instead to travel to see “the Mouse” this summer.
I grew a little down in the mouth knowing
My break would be one at home.

But it has been ok,
Or better than ok.
Our house has been filled with boys,
Doors slamming
Kids coming and going.
Students – friends of my son – standing in my kitchen.
Books being discussed,
Writing being analyzed.
Nerf gun wars being waged outside the back door.

We’ve gone to a book signing,
Cracker Barrel,
Shopping with my mom.
Time spent together,
Curled up in bed reading.

We’ve planned summer vacation,
And a quick trip to Chicago at week’s end.
Through it all I’ve come to a shocking realization –
These boys are growing up.

One taller than me already at eleven,
The other one only inches away at eight.
One getting a cell phone,
The other addicted to YouTube.
I watched them today spending time with Mumsie (my mom).

Where did the years go already?
In the same amount of time they will be off to college,
I feel the need to slow down,
Beg for more time.

Yet, there hasn’t been an age yet that I haven’t loved.
I don’t miss the baby stage,
Toddler years,
Or even first years in school.
I loved them when we were there,
But enjoy each new stage even more.
Can that continue to go on?
Can I keep having more and more fun as they get older?
I hope so.

Teaching is amazing.
I love each year in the classroom.
I love every student I get to spend time with.
But nothing compares to this.
Maybe time doesn’t need to slow down?
I can’t wait to see where we are next.