Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slice of Life - Laughter

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Last night I attended an amazing dinner with friends at Michigan Reading Association's Annual Conference. It was great to simply have the time to sit and talk about books. Seeing as it was a Nerdy Book Club dinner, the titles were flying. My favorite part of the night wasn't the recommendations, although I did enjoy those, it was the laughter. 

I'm not sure whether members of the Nerdy Book Club are just funnier than the average person or not, but every conversation I found myself in involved laughter. Stories were all over the place, anecdotes from the classroom, our own children, the repeated element of a certain book, or crazy dreams we have. Each time I found myself wiping away tears because I had laughed so much. 

It has been a long few weeks. My students rock, but I needed a break. I'm grateful to friends at MRA for reminding me of the importance of our chosen career, reminding me of the reason we do what we do, but mostly for just giving me the opportunity to relax and have fun. What a great weekend.