Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slice of Life - Presentation on Blogging

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Monday night I gave a presentation at a local library on blogging. A student’s mom works at the library and she asked me to come. Seeing as the library is small, and in a town of two hundred, I wondered if it would be an audience of one. Luckily, a small group of a few students (and parents) came. While I normally am super nervous when I present – no matter what the size – I was completely at ease. My students made me smile. They gave me comfort and confidence. Usually while speaking I can feel the heat rising to my face, blotches forming on my neck. It can happen as a result of nerves, but even occurs when I am excited or passionate about something. I’ve just learned to roll with it and move on.

About halfway through my presentation I realized that I could not feel my blotches. Teaching a group that was mostly students made me feel like I was in my classroom. I relaxed and had fun.

Coming home and seeing two message from parents of two of the students, I was excited to see that they are already on the path to starting their own blogs, less than an hour after I finished. I’m grateful that I had the chance to spend my evening with such a fabulous group.

**** Update - less than two hours after my presentation my student, Delaney, had already created a blog. It would be amazing if you could pop over and leave her a comment. Thanks so much! 

Delaney's Blog

In case you are interested, here are the slides from my presentation. There is not a lot of text on the page because I prefer talking and just using a visual to remind me of what I wanted to say. If you want more information on anything, please let me know. Thanks! 

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