Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slice of Life - Saying Yes

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I love waking up on vacation, even if it is a vacation in my own home. The day stretches out in front of me with no plans. I have the running list of things that need to be done over this spring break, but the immediate future, this Sunday, is mine.

I could head to Champaign and get groceries. A stop at Barnes & Noble and Starbucks would be fun.

I could just grab groceries in town. Faster, but do I want to miss coffee?

I could just order out the entire day and go back to bed and read.

My goal this break is to get some items off of my “to do” list. I feel like I am weighed down with writing deadlines looming over me – many of my own choosing. I am a person who tends to procrastinate, but when I do I feel stressed. I want to eliminate some of that.

My other goal is to say “yes” to the boys more. Luke and Liam just walked in the kitchen where I sit in my comfy chair, laptop in lap, hot chocolate on the table, dog at my feet.

“Can we have friends over today?”

“Yes. How about this afternoon?”

The boys look at each other, Liam raised an eyebrow. “Can we go to Crackle Barrel this week?”


The gave each other another glance and slowly retreated, I’m sure to plot out what other items they could ask for.

It’s spring break. My “to do” list is a mile long. I need to cross off items so that my stress level can decrease to some extent. But the last item on the list is the most important. I’ve taught long enough to see my fifth graders become adults. I know how fast this time goes. And I’m going to practice saying “yes” a bit more. It’s going to be a great week, which means it needs to begin with Starbucks.