Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sharing The Lightning Thief

Today my class watched the film, The Lightning Thief. Riordan’s book was our last read aloud, a book I look forward to sharing each year. I thought instead of a normal post, I’d write down the things I most loved about sharing this book with my students.

10. The obsession that sweeps across my classroom regarding Greek Mythology. All mythology books end up checked out. Kids love to study the myths.

9. The kids that sneak copies of the book home so they can finish before I do and read ahead in the series.

8. My boys that have formed their own Riordan fan club on their own time. Hello, engagement!

7. The indignation when students learn that others skipped the first series to jump into the Heroes of Olympus series. “But they missed the origin!” Rock on, my Nerdy Book Club students. J

6. The excitement the students showed in creating their own mural of Camp Half Blood. Can’t wait to see it when they finish!

5. Their earnest faces when they begged to watch the movie. Like I would say no. I abhor watching movies at school – but as an extension to the book? With opportunity to debate? I’m in.

4. The glee when I announced we could have a “blue food and drink” party with the movie to celebrate Sally Jackson’s one act of rebellion against Smelly Gabe.

3. The fun food and drinks that showed up in my room today. Yum.

2. The whisperers of dismay and then excitement as students watched the movie and became caught up in the story.

1. The fun discussions over minor changes (Annabeth’s hair, eye color, minor characters left out) vs. major plot differences (Kronos?)

Each year I am beyond thrilled by the level of engagement students show throughout this unit. Today we dismissed early for Thanksgiving break. I had some boys hang back and ask me if there was a way to get a “family tree” for Greek Mythology. I said I could look one up and then they told me not to worry about it, they’d create their own. I smiled, gave them a hug, and sent them on their way. Love this book, movie, and my students. What a great start to our break.