Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrating - 11/2/13

What a week! Sorry for the unexpected blog break, but I have to admit that it was needed. Tonight (Friday) I sat down at the computer and typed 4,000 words for various articles, posts, and dream ideas. As Tony would expect me to say, "Holy Moses!" :)

I love that Ruth Ayres has this weekly link up on Saturdays on her blog. The idea of taking the end of the week to focus on all of the positive you experienced is right up my alley. I love looking back through my iPhone and seeing all of the photos I snapped throughout. Here are just a few: 

Monday I hosted our first meeting of the Mock Newbery club in my classroom. Twenty-one kids came to school forty minutes early to eat breakfast together and talk books. I was in heaven.

Tuesday my eighty reading students had the opportunity to Skype with the amazingly talented Kathi Appelt. To say they were enamored would be an understatement. So exciting.

Wednesday these awesome boots came in the mail. I've wanted to purchase them for awhile and a sale and a gift card made them mine. Can't wait to talk boots in person with Franki and Donalyn at NCTE after all of our discussions online this week. For the record - these are made by Born and super comfortable. 

Thursday was Halloween and my boys were so worried it would rain them out, but the weather held. They began the night as body guards for their cousin, Snow White. Then ended up with their friends trick-or-treating. I love that they have such good friends that are such neat and kind kids. This is something I celebrate on a daily basis.

And today I celebrated an unlikely event. Yesterday my mom had to have surgery on a ruptured appendix. While a bit scary at first, I celebrate the fact that she is fine and will be home soon. My students were quite concerned for their favorite substitute and quickly created cards for me to deliver. My boys and I headed to the hospital after school to check-in and see that she was indeed doing well with our very own eyes. On the way home we celebrated a bit more with dinner and, for me, a Starbucks.
Hope you all had a wonderful week!