Saturday, November 16, 2013

Celebrations 11/16/13

Thank you to Ruth Ayres for reminding us to take time each week to celebrate. 
Stop by her blog Ruth Ayres Writes to read the other celebrations linked up today. 

When reflecting on my week and thinking of the many reasons I can count on to celebrate, I always turn to two items to review the past few days – my notebook and my phone. My notebook to see what snippets I wrote down, my phone to look at photos.

I have always loved photography and when the boys were little, I took a ridiculous amount of photos that now wait for homes in photo albums that I have not purchased. I carried around an expensive camera with a huge lens that took great photos.

Now, I carry around my iPhone. The photos aren’t as good as that giant camera, but I find I am more likely to have my phone with me when I want to capture any given moment than the camera. Also, my boys don’t always notice when I pull out my phone, so I can truly get the shot I wanted.

Here are just a few of my celebrations this week.

Row 1: Veteran’s Day, Sunsets, Family Dinners at my parents’ home
Row 2: Penny Kittle and my students, Medicine that heals, Luke reading
Row 3: Liam reading, My students, and a dinner out

Nine pictures, but there is so much more. I am most grateful this week for the field of medicine. My mom had to head back to the hospital for an infection as a result of her appendix surgery two weeks back. I am beyond grateful for doctors, hospitals, and antibiotics. Grateful that I get to see her today; grateful she will be coming home soon. Celebrations. Thanks, Ruth, for this important weekly event.