Saturday, November 23, 2013

Celebrate NCTE

Thanks to Ruth Ayres for reminding us to celebrate each week. Check out her blog to link up or read other celebrations. 

There is so much to celebrate, more than I can fit in one small blog post. Honestly, I convinced myself that I would not be blogging from NCTE. There is too much to do, one thing needed to be off of my plate. But it is Saturday morning. I woke up and thought of all I needed to celebrate.

I could celebrate the fact that I got here, on a plane, which was wonderfully smooth. I only said the Serenity prayer forty times or so.

I could celebrate friends – old and new. How this conference feels like a family reunion. How I dread the passing hours because I know we’ll say goodbye all too soon.

I could celebrate authors, the passion they share with us. The genuine excitement when I pass on compliments from my students.

I could celebrate inspiration. Found in the words from heroes: Atwell, Kittle, Newkirk, Calkins. A breakfast I will never forget.

But truly I celebrate the quiet words, from people I knew before, and some I just met. Words of encouragement. Words to let me know that what I do matters. What I write matters. Powerful stuff there. A concept to remember with my students

And, who can forget to celebrate a Starbucks in the lobby. Bliss.

NCTE. A full weekend of celebration.