Monday, November 25, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I haven’t done an “It’s Monday” for awhile for a couple of reasons. This fall I feel like I’m in survival mode – rushing through life and hanging on with my fingertips. Not sure why it has been crazier than a typical fall, but it has. Sometimes, as a result, I have found myself writing less. That also brings me to my second reason I haven’t posted for this meme for awhile. I’ve been reading less.


I still am reading, but often only a book a week. While I realize that is still more than the average adult in this country, it makes the books that continue to flow into this house seem unmanageable. Chris would tell me to stop buying some. I am going with the idea that I can read most of them on holiday breaks.

At any rate, I had to post today to tell you about three books that amazed me. This will be short and sweet seeing as I have thirty minutes until I must leave for school and am not out of my pajamas yet.

God Got a Dog by Rylant, illustrated by Frazee is brilliant. Rylant is one of my favorite authors, Frazee is one of my favorite illustrators, so I knew it would be fabulous. Rylant selected poems from an earlier book of hers (which I haven’t read) and paired them with Frazee’s beautiful illustrations to create this moving picture book. AMAZING!

Paperboy by Vawter has sat on my shelf for some time and I finally got around to reading it. I loved the main character – whose name you don’t learn until the end of the book. Go online to read the summary, but trust me that you will treasure this beautiful book. I am choosing to put it in my classroom, but it would be borderline for 5th so make sure you read it before handing it off.

Finally, Mark of the Dragonfly is one of my new favorites. A friend handed me the ARC of this one. The author is new to the world of children’s lit and also my neighbor! This is slated for a spring release and I cannot wait for more folks to read it. Join Piper, Anna, and Gee as they speed across the country onboard the four-oh-one train looking for answers to Anna’s identity and learning what the future holds. I loved the world these kids inhabit, the history, the questions that come forth. I haven’t met the author, Jaleigh Johnson, in person yet, but my first question/ plea will be if this is a series. I am praying it is, it certainly feels that way, and I can’t wait to learn more about these characters.

Have a fabulous Monday!