Friday, November 29, 2013


Last night my Twitter notifications were going crazy. I had stumbled into a conversation with Franki Sibberson and Colby Sharp about Colby’s resolve to write daily. When Franki mentioned she needed to begin running again, I said I’d join her – but I would be walking. More friends joined in and we ended up with a hashtag - #nerdlution.

#nerdlution is what you make of it. We’re setting goals for the next fifty days – Monday the 2nd through January 20th. My goal is to find time to write and walk each day. I have a dream of writing a book, but can’t see my way into it yet. Ideas swirl in my mind, but nothing is taking hold. I am hoping if I can commit to writing each day towards a book, something will pour fourth. Walking is just a habit I need to return to.

I love the idea of joining with Twitter friends in this challenge. Colby is writing daily. Franki is writing with Bill daily and running as well. Chris is working on push-ups. More and more friends joined in as we talked. How about you? Is there a goal you want to put forth? Join us for the next fifty days. Tweet your progress daily using the hashtag #nerdlution. Hope to see you there.