Thursday, February 14, 2013

World Read Aloud Day

There is a special day just around the corner…. No, I’m not referring to Valentine’s Day today or even my birthday, but on March 6th many of us will be celebrating World Read Aloud Day or WRAD for short. This is a fabulous that’s purpose is to educate the world – reading and writing should belong to us all! Now that’s a message I can get behind. This week I am joining the WRAD Blogging Challenge  - for more information on it click here.

WRAD asked us to think about

What do you think is special about reading aloud?

I couldn’t teach without reading aloud. I’m not sure I could be the same parent that I am without reading aloud. My best memories from school center around my teacher reading to our class. Some of my favorite memories from growing up also center around a shared text. With my boys I have shared many a picture book while we were curled up on my bed. But as a teacher…

If you were in my classroom yesterday you would have heard pleading. Wednesday was an early out day. We also had two specials. It was one of “those days.” I wouldn’t have more than 45 minutes in the morning with my class, and 45 minutes after lunch. The begging began. “Mrs. S, can’t you just read Fablehaven today? Can’t we finish?” The lobbying. The promises to get more work done tomorrow. Looking at those faces, I couldn’t resist. I cleared my throat and began.

Telling my husband this tonight upon arriving home he was surprised – I read for a total of 90 minutes today. Did they really pay attention the entire time? Absolutely! As we journeyed with Kendra and the fairies to the Forgotten Chapel, there were gasps. How would she save her family? Learning of Lena’s fate, we were shocked. As the conclusion came after lunch, I slowly closed the book. Many kids cheered, several rushed our “Mull” basket to see if they could claim the second book. One child looked at the clock and pointed out that there was eight minutes left until dismissal. Twenty-three faces swiveled in my direction and waited. My response?

Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood. And I opened the pages to The Lightning Thief to cheers. Awesome way to end the day; the magic of read aloud was alive in our room.