Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bubble Gum Day

Selling gum at school

Last year I saw Mr. Schu tweet about Bubble Gum Day and made a mental note to join in the fun this year. Bubble Gum Day was started in 2006 by author Ruth Spiro as a fun way to have a fundraiser. After talking a bit to Mr. Schu, I was ready to begin.

My classroom and my colleague, Kathy White, put our two classes in charge of the day. My class advertised for the day. We created fliers, posters, and spread the word. Kathy’s RTI enrichment math class looked up facts about bubble gum, studied the history, and estimated how much gum we would need to purchase. 

The students also helped us create a few “rules” for the day. No gum during PE, recess, lunch, or music (fourth grade is playing precorders right now). Students were reminded that they needed to dispose of gum and wrappers properly. For the most part, I think everything went really well!

My class enjoying their gum.
Friday morning six representatives from the two classes came to school early and manned the tables selling gum. We sold gum for $0.50 a piece and kids could purchase up to four pieces. All proceeds went to the American Heart Association.

Sellers are ready! 

I teach in a fourth and fifth grade building – 11 classrooms and 247 kids. In the twenty minutes before school started we raised $373 for the Heart Association. It was such a fun way to kick off the day and put a smile on the students’ faces. I highly recommend you join us next year for Bubble Gum Day!

Check out the Bubble Gum Day website HERE.  

I read these books out loud over the week to prepare.