Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Slice of Life - Classroom Poem

Friday begins the Slice of Life challenge. Last year was my first year having a blog – my first year participating, and I loved it. I credit that challenge to helping me see stories all around. I can’t wait to get going again.

This year I’m mixing it up and having my class participate as well. We will be doing their part of the challenge old school – in journals. I wrote this poem to share with them and hope that they will find some excitement in this challenge. Enjoy!

Slice of Life challenge

March is going to be about writing in our classroom.
Writing whatever you want.
Writing daily.

A sketch.
A poem.
A story.

A snapshot of your day.

Put away your fantasy stories for this month.
This month is about you.

Wake up in the morning and grab your journal.

Steal a few minutes between classes.

Come home from school.

Before bed, while resting.

Once a day – you find the time that works.
And watch what happens.
You will begin to see things and think…
I can write about that.

I’ll share my writing with you each morning.
I will hand out rewards along the way to those who stick with it.
10 minutes a day.
You can do this.
Find your voice.