Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Webinar with Katie Davis

Katie Davis is like a one-woman superhero for all things “kidlit.” She has a great podcast, Brain Burps About Books, has a fabulous blog (HERE), and has written wonderful books, including Little Chicken’s Big Day. She has started hosting some amazing webinars as well. The other day I saw a tweet about an upcoming webinar she was hosting with Jenni Holm and Matt Holm, the creators of Babymouse! (Jenni's blog HERE. Matt's blog HERE.) I immediately signed up.

The webinar was super easy to access. I logged on at 11:00 with my RTI group. I teach a reading intervention and these kids are addicted to graphic novels. I thought this would be a great way to spend today’s class. When I shared with them we were going to be watching a webinar, and explained what one was, they asked who was in it. As soon as I mentioned Jenni Holm and Matt…. they cheered! They immediately knew it was Babymouse.

Watching the webinar was fun with this group. There was a chat feature on the right side of the screen so other participants could write comments. The kids were excited to see a comment from Colby Sharp to me and told me I had to run back to my desk and comment back to him. (Colby – you truly are famous to this group!) When Jenni came on she shared a little about how she and Matt grew up, the inspiration for Babymouse, and how they create a graphic novel. Unfortunately, right as they got to the question and answer session we had to head to lunch so we could be on time.

Thanks Katie, Jenni, and Matt for a great webinar. My students and I had a blast listening in. I will be sure to look for more that we could watch together in the future!