Thursday, March 6, 2014

Slice of Life - A Birthday Gift

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Chris and I met in college – I was nineteen, he was twenty. We dated for three years and have been married for almost eighteen. Early in our relationship we watched Steve Martin’s version of Father of the Bride. I loved that movie. We quickly bought a copy of it and the sequel, Father of the Bride II. There were several similarities between some of the characters and us. I will say that both Chris and Steve Martin’s character tend to conserve money well. I loved those movies.

There is one scene, however, I can say I do not understand. Annie Banks gets in a fight with Brian, her fiancé. It seems Brian bought her a blender as a wedding gift and she feels that is a 1950s statement. This is my birthday gift from Chris:

It came yesterday. I immediately began tossing in fruits and vegetables to make a smoothie. The whirl of the blender made me smile with delight. Just looking at it on the counter was a rush of joy. A blender? Yes. I’ll take it in a heartbeat. 


  1. Happy double-twenty. Such a funny connection between the movie and your gift. I am glad the gift brought joy to you.

  2. I too would love a new blender! Or maybe even a crock pot.

  3. I just got a new tool my shiny red crock pot. Thanks for taking me back to that scene in the movie....a fan favorite at my house! xo

  4. Your husband must know you well . . . and that is what is important, not the gift but the thought that went in to knowing you would love it! Enjoy your blender, I just started making smoothies with a vitamin powder . . . the young man who sold it to me promised I would feel like a new person! ;-)

  5. I would love this gift, too! Actually, I asked for a food processor for a birthday one year and love it. But I still need a blender because the processor isn't good for smoothies. Have fun with it!

  6. I love the way you cross time so efficiently in this post. And the ending makes me smile. Cheers and happy birthday!

  7. Happy birthday and I love your gift. Enjoy your smoothies.


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