Friday, December 5, 2014

When it Clicks

I found out this week that I would have a student teacher for our second semester. I've been blessed with so many terrific student teachers over the years. It is a wonder to watch them grow and then keep in touch as they move on into their lives. Katie, my student teacher for this spring, stopped by our building yesterday. 

She came during my prep period, which was wonderful for a chance to share a little, explain philosophy, etc. We talked and I knew immediately that this spring was going to be a great experience. The best part of our visit, however, was when the kids got involved.

I knew she couldn't stay the entire afternoon, but I wanted my students to meet her - have a name to put with this title - before she left. We both went to pick them up from Art. They looked from her to me, but didn't ask questions, yet.

Gathering at our meeting spot, I introduced Katie to the class and asked her to tell them something about herself. She began with her favorite books: Harry Potter, The Book Thief, Lightning Thief

A child immediately said, "So, a fantasy reader then?" And then, they all began recommending books, unbidden.

I stood back, and smiled. As they then proceeded to tell Katie their names and favorite books or genres, my smile grew. They are taking up that identity of reader, it has clicked.