Monday, December 8, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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This week was a busy one. Basketball, school, and a virus took up a lot of my time. Still, I squeezed in some reading time. No books are completed, but I'm nearing the end of this one and it is fascinating.

We spent roughly ten hours on Saturday and Sunday sitting on bleachers, watching basketball games. I talked to several parents who asked me how in the world I get any books read. This sport season has been tougher than others. And this book is fabulous, and long. My only possible way to get it read has been to read it in two formats - listening to it on audio as I drive to small towns for basketball games - and again on the way home. Then, with my actual copy, I pick up where the audio leaves off. 

So today, while home with Liam who has an upset tummy, I'm  hoping to finish the book. This desire to read will have to compete with the desire to sleep - staying up until 2am with a sick kiddo will do that to you - and the wish to get every Christmas present wrapped and under the tree so I can enjoy December and this Advent season at peace. Or maybe, all three can happen. We will see.