Thursday, December 11, 2014

Falling In Love With Writing, Again

It’s a funny thing about writing daily, you begin to see your ideas everywhere. When Linda Urban tweeted out about the #WriteDaily30 group, I was hesitant to join. I’ve written daily, of course, before. I have done the Slice of Life challenge each year. Yet writing daily? In December? When I’m already overwhelmed and stressed? That seemed like an insane idea.

And yet I knew I needed to do it.

This fall writing and I kind-of broke up.
Or maybe we just had a falling out.
I’m still not sure.

I had written so much this summer. I had started a book, written blogs, articles, curriculum, etc. Then, August hit. And everything dropped.

Family healthy issues,
Commitments to volunteering,
The start of the school year,
Writer’s block on my book.

I was dreading writing each day. I was uninspired. And, to be honest, I looked at my friends beginning the school year relaxed and I knew I wasn’t. I had so much on my plate and never had any down time. So I stopped. Or, to be more accurate, slowed down a bit.

In the process, I fell out of love with writing.

The less I wrote, the farther I moved away from it, the harder it was to get ideas when I did decide I should – not wanted to, but should – blog. I began to question why I did this blogging thing to begin with.

Then, like a miracle, Linda’s tweet.

When I signed on, I decided I just wanted to write daily.

Not on a book,
Not on a blog,
Not for a time limit,
Not for a word count goal.

Just write.

And I have. Each day has ended up going up on my blog, but I didn’t set out to do that. Just when I’ve been done, I have thought it fit there. I’m not requiring that of myself, however. So there might be days in December I don’t post, but I will write.

In writing daily I have found my way back.

Ideas come every morning as I open up the document. My journal has been stuck back in my purse. Writing and I have made up, and I am so glad we have.

Thanks, Linda.


  1. I'm so glad you started writing again -- but don't thank me. You made the commitment to yourself and you're keeping it. That's where all the credit goes. :)


  2. Thanks, Linda. I need to work on exercise and eating healthy next. Let's see what January holds. :)

  3. This is so lovely. And you have a way of saying what I'm thinking. Thanks for that. :) This is so true. I've been writing about things that I didn't even know were that important to me, and have ideas have been coming out of the wood work. I'm so happy that you are making up with writing. Just write. Love this.