Saturday, December 20, 2014

Celebrate This Week - Christmas Break

I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. Check out all of the posts linked up at her blog HERE. Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

This is an easy week to celebrate. Parties at school, Christmas break, time with family - what's not to celebrate? I stayed late every day this week at school, and worked when I got home, so I could have my grading done and grades posted when I left. At home, gifts are purchased and presents are wrapped. We are ready for two weeks of relaxation and time together. I cannot wait.

I love celebrating with my fifth graders. They are so excited to give me gifts - and seem to know me pretty well. I got lots of items I could enjoy while reading: warm blankets, beautifully smelling candles, chocolate, hot chocolate, etc. There were beautiful scarves, mugs, gift cards to head out and eat (and not cook!) I also had several items with the Starbucks logo featured prominently, including all of these gift cards. I cannot possibly thank my students and their families enough. They make my job so much easier.

I think hard about what book I give my homeroom class, this year it was easy. With the sequel coming out in April, Rump seemed like the perfect gift to give. All of my three classes got the bookmark celebrating the brilliant Brown Girl Dreaming. I hope they might enjoy a little reading time over break.

We had our snacks and drinks in the classroom yesterday while watching my favorite Christmas movie of all time - Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. This came out in 1978 when I was four. My family used to watch it every year on PBS. When I moved out as a young adult, I purchased it as a video, replacing it with a DVD as technology changed. My own family has it as required viewing beginning on Thanksgiving night. Each year for the last few years I share it with my students. The simple storyline centers around friendship and kindness. While the kids usually look at me skeptically when I pull out Sesame Street, they laugh and smile as they watch the video. I love sharing this favorite with them.

I am celebrating by beginning my holiday #bookaday as soon as I post this blog. I'm going to make some tea and curl up with The Lost Track of Time by Paige Britt. Perfect start to my Saturday.

Finally, please enjoy this video from my students and me. Happy Holidays!