Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Slice of Life - Joy in the Unexpected

As a child
I would wait,
Praying for the words
I longed to hear.

Oh please,
Oh please,
Say Monticello Schools.

I would lay,
Curled up in my bed.
Listening to the radio,
Longing for a snow day.

And then the radio would say,
I would leap out of bed,
the rush of excitement filling me up.

Today I was woken out of a sound sleep.
I squinted at the clock
5:55 am.
Then the phone rang again.

I sleepily trudged over.
Picking up the phone
I was transported to the ten-year-old girl
I once knew.
“Monticello Schools are closed.”
Said my Superintendent’s voice.

The joy of the unexpected gets me every time.

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